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The Prophet – Peace and Blessings of Allah

The Prophet – peace and blessings of Allah be upon him – taught them Istikhara as the Surah teaches them from the Qur’aan. If they are a man who has prayed two rak’ahs other than the obligatory prayer, and he has called his Lord, I ask you for your knowledge and I ask you for your ability. I appreciate and you are Allam Al-Ghayoub, O God, if this matter (and its so-called need) is good for me in my religion and my suffering and the consequence of my destiny, I will be pleased and able to do it and bless me in it.


If this matter is called evil in my religion and My suffering and the consequences of my order, so I told him and asked me about him, and I can do good to me wherever he is and I am satisfied with him. And he is satisfied with what God has divided for him, he was Ibn Omar – may God be pleased with them.

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